Coupons Reward Program


Thank you for participating in our survey and for giving us your opinion on our coupons reward program.

By completing this short questionnaire and leaving your contact details you will automatically enter our draw to win THOMAS aluminium saucepan 16cm 1.4L, aluminium skillet 24cm 2.8L, aluminium frypan 24cm, aluminium stir fry pan 28cm, aluminium grill pan 28cm worth €140. One lucky customer will be drawn every month.

Please be assured that any information you will share with us here will be handled in absolute discretion.

Your access code is composed of the numbers found in the 4 areas on your receipt marked in red in the receipt example here. Example code: 2039090000201550908

Please enter your code and let's get started!

Note that entry codes are valid for 15 days.

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